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Paul Ny has worked as a Scenic Artist in the Film & Television industry for over a  decade  painting sets, props and backdrops for feature films such as King Kong, Lord of the Rings, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II, as well as major television productions.

Years of experience in actualising set designs as lead to successful Head of Department roles on several international productions, working closely with Production Designers, Art Directors and Construction Managers and leading a team of scenic artists. Paul himself has a degree in Fine Arts majoring in Film, and exceptional painting skills in a broad range of styles and mediums. He is known in the industry for his versatility,  attention to detail and artistic flair. In addition to Film & Television work, Paul has exhibited and published a series of fine art and has vast commercial and decorative painting experience with projects such as theme parks, bars & restaurants, public murals and private artwork commissions. 



2016 ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season 2 Starz Network USA: Head of Department - Horror, Asylumn, Full street frontages

2016 CHEIF GARY: The Downlow Concept Lead Scenic Painter:  Comedy - Pacific Island Huts, interior & exterior

2015 ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season 1 Starz Network USA: Head of Department: Horror.

2015 LUMEN -PILOT: Amblin TV USA.  Head of Department: Steam Punk, Victorian, Period building facades - metal finishes

2014 CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON II  2IC Scenic. Chinese temple, interiors, decorative carriage.

2014 THE DEADLANDS - Head Scenic Traditional Maori villages, carvings.

2014 POWER RANGERS DINO CHARGE -Head of Department: Dinosaur Large scale props, environments, caves, spaceship.

2014 WHEN WE GO TO WAR - 2IC Scenic - 1915 Period NZ , wartime, streets, interiors.

2012 THE EMPEROR: 2IC Scenic Corn Cob Ltd WWII Japan: Seven story high propaganda mural, Japanese interiors, screens, woodgraining

2012 WHITE LIES: Head Scenic: Burnt Maori huts, aged village interiors, painted 1930’s artwork

2011 SIONE'S: UNFINISHED BUSINESS Head Scenic: Urban interiors, industrial bar, concrete texture creation, painted brickwork, peeling paint, woodgraining. 

2011 MR PIP: Large scale backdrop, tropical landscape

2011 BILLY T: TE MOVIE: Theatre set, marble tables.

2011 ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS Head Scenic: Viking Bar interior, painted brickwork, concrete, floorboards,, modern interior

2011 STATE INSURANCE My Favourite Things Commercial - Giant Shoeboxes -

2011 MAGNERS CIDER Commercial - Replica apple press 

2011 HILTON Commercial - Modern interiors, woodgraining

2011 MCDONALDS Commercial  Fountain, Roman Column, Pagoda 

2010 MITSUBISHI Commercial - Stunt boulders and trees

2010 AMI INSURANCE (AUS) Commercial Street and shopfronts - theatrical facade

2010 YOGI BEAR Warner Bros On location, park signage, tree textures

2010 SPARTACUS: Giant rock wall, cliff faces, trees and Roman gladiatorial arenas.

2010 THIS IS NOT MY LIFE  TV Series: Futuristic interiors

2009 MATARIKI  Urban exteriors, Graffiti and aging, concrete

2008-10 LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Walt Disney Co Ltd  Fantasy - Stone finishes, castles, ruins, villages, forests, rock walls, boulder formations, ponds.

2008 UNDER THE MOUNTAIN - Redhead Films Ltd   Horror and alien themed Interiors, Willburforce House interior

2008 THE WARRIOR'S WAY  Oriental, Western and Carnival themed set painting, interior and exterior

2008 POWER RANGERS:  Sci Fi -Spaceship interior

2007 OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE South Pacific Pictures  Props “old dinghy”

2007 OUT OF THE BLUE - Southern Light Films  Rustic and rural  interior and exterior buildings 

2007 BURYING BRIAN Eyeworks Touchdown Ltd Modern interiors

2007 JOHNNY KAPAHALA II – BACK ON BOARD DIsney TV Hawaiian and beach theme signage, interiors and backdrops

2007 GO GIRLS South Pacific Pictures Modern Interiors

2006 THE TATTOOIST - Eyeworks Touchdown Ltd Urban interiors, painted brickwork

2006 10,000 BC - Warner Bros  Prehistoric huts, bones, carcasses, animal skins, rock formations

2005 KING KONG Universal Pictures  King Kong’s Lair,   boat interior / exterior, Island: rock formations, trees, vines, jungle textures, New York City Set: building facades.

2003 LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING- New Line Cinema Stone finishes, castles, caves, cave interiors, rock formations 


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